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"THANKSGIVING," not "Feast Day"!!!

Pagan America has replaced "Thanksgiving" with the term "Feast Day," or "Turkey Day." This is yet another rejection of anything related to God and especially Christianity. The original day of "Thanks-giving" was to remember and express gratitude for God's providential care. Early settlers, though not all Christians, were God-fearing enough to recognize His hand in their affairs and give thanks. Not today. Today the emphasis is not giving thanks to God nor recognizing His providential care, but on food and eating. Personal pleasure has replaced humble gratitude. For American hedonists, "Feast Day" means pigging out, stuffing oneself. It is a day of vacation from work to watch sports, lounge around and eat too much. Gluttony is featured as various ones make fools of themselves eating ridiculous amounts of food and videoing it for You Tube, etc.
     Those who don't believe and are not thankful to God, who do not wish to spe…


Truly our hearts go out to the people suffering in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. We feel for them, and pray for them, that they will find relief and comfort.
    The woman whose brief interview appeared on CNN pled, even demanded international aid "now, not tomorrow, now!" and went on to say, "It's worse than hell, worse than hell!"
    Now when people suffer they sometimes exaggerate and say things without thinking. This may have been the case with this woman, because one thing is for sure: no matter how bad the suffering on earth, there is nothing worse than hell! I repeat, There is nothing worse than hell!

    Those who are in hell don't endure it for a few hours or days and then rebuild, like survivors of natural disasters. They are there forever. Those who are in hell cannot be interviewed. There is no one to talk to; they are alone, cut off from everyone. No aid can come to them. There is no Red Cross for people in hell. There is no relief, and…

Tozer: The Word of Authority by Which We Can Die

"These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them..." Hebrews 11:13
There is not one word published on the North American continent today that I would want to die by!    If I knew that tomorrow evening was to be my last, and that I would never see another sunrise, there isn't a newspaper published anywhere in the world that I would want to see.    There hasn't been a book published this year that I would want to read. There hasn't been a word uttered in the United Nations what I would want to hear. There is no authority anywhere.    Everybody is writing and talking, but for dying men there is not one word of authority anywhere, except as you hear the sure, true, terrifying words of Jesus Christ! The only authoritative word ever published is that which comes from the Holy Scriptures.    "Holy" books that have been compounded out of all the high, fine, lofty thoughts of mankind since the begin…

Spiritual Fruit Comes Only From Spiritual Life

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  Matthew 6:21
   Water cannot rise above its own level, and neither can a Christian by any sudden, spasmodic effort rise above the level of his own spiritual life!    I have seen in my own experience how a man of God will let his tongue go all day in light, frivolous conversation; let his interest roam abroad among the idle pleasures of this world; and then under the necessity of preaching at night, seek a last minute reprieve just before the service by cramming desperately in prayer to put himself in a position where the spirit of the prophet will descend upon him as he enters the pulpit.    Men do not gather grapes of thorns, nor figs of thistles. The fruit of a tree is determined by the tree, and the fruit of life by the kind of life it is. What a man is interested in to the point of absorption both decides and reveals what kind of man he is; and the kind of man he is by a secret law of the soul decides the kind of…


Knowing God's will is essential to effective service. Uncertainty regarding His design for the Church cannot but lead to endless confusion. Moses was given the pattern of the tabernacle when in the mount with God and was repeatedly admonished to build according to that pattern. No departure from the original would be tolerated. God's will was expressed; Moses obeyed. We, too, have been given a pattern to follow. The will of God for His people today is outlined clearly in the New Testament. In centuries past, many, at the cost of imprisonment, the rack, and the flames have sought to carry out the "due order." Turning with indifference from what God has recorded for our guidance can only result in shame and loss.  In the Book of the Acts the Holy Spirit has supplied a record of developments in the early Church which constitutes an abiding pattern for churches everywhere. This record impresses us with the simplicity of apostolic churches. Much that is now considered esse…


God has no Iphone, But I talk to Him. He has no Facebook, But he is my Friend. Does not have Twitter, YouTube etc..; But I still Follow Him. And even without Internet, I'm Still In Contact With Him. --- Anonymous

George Whitefield: The Marks of the New Birth

The Marks of the New Birth George Whitefield
– MATTHEW 18:3 - VERILY I SAY unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."
I suppose I may take it for granted, that all of you, among whom I am now about to preach the kingdom of God, are fully convinced, that it is appointed for all men once to die, and that ye all really believe that after death comes the judgment, and that the consequences of that judgment will be, that ye must be doomed to dwell in the blackness of darkness, or ascend to dwell with the blessed God, for ever and ever. I may take it for granted also, that whatever your practice in common life may be, there is not one, though ever so profligate and abandoned, but hopes to go to that place, which the scriptures call Heaven, when he dies. And, I think, if I know any thing of mine own heart, my heart's desire, as well as my prayer to God, for you all, is, that I may see you sitting down in the kingdo…