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A Warning to Christians Tempted by Politics

Sad to say, we have known men who seriously considered abandoning the shepherding of the church in order to run for political office. Is this not like the hireling of John 10 who does not care for the sheep? We have known men and women who would not go door to door doing gospel work, but who would give hundreds of hours to political campaigning, door to door voter registration, and spend who-knows-how-much money and time on the campaigns of their favorite political party. The professing Christian should ask himself, is the hope of the world to be found in politics, and can politics solve the really important problems? Did Christ or the Apostles get involved in politics? Consider the excellent answer of my friend and mentor William MacDonald, who has been promoted to glory. THE WORLD OF POLITICS by William MacDonald Now let us think of the world of politics. We often hear the well-worn argument, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."


by Tal Brooke written in 1992 As we plunge through the 1990s to cross the year 2000. let us assess where we have come as a nation in the last 150 years. One telling indicator of our 'accumulated moral and intellectual capital. would be to see how far we have gone beyond the old one-room schoolhouse and its biblically based (or, these days, “biased”) McGuffey's Reader Modern educators tell us that legions of gifted minds in the higher academy have spent a century and a half since that simpler era producing a wealth of impressive facts and discoveries. from quasars to lasers. Great universities have taken on the great questions, (Issues of the whys and wherefores of existence have had a more open-ended “back-seat” treatment). Today's education has inherited this mountain of accumulated knowledge. To fully appreciate where modern advances have taken us. we should consider what high school students were studying 150 years ago in some sample classroom reading: If you