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He Does All Things Well

In Mark 7:37 the multitude praised the Lord Jesus with these words: "He hath done all things well," and they were right. But I wonder if we spend much time thinking about what those words mean. Our Lord never did anything half-heartedly or halfway. He is the master worker, the heavenly artisan. If His works were on display at a great Fair, they would be covered in blue ribbons!     What the multitude said admiringly that day, we can say adoringly and gratefully every day. We who are saved ought to praise and worship our blessed Lord for the perfections of all His work as the Son of Man. "All things well." Did we ever know the Lord to do things any other way? Of course not!     Did He ever leave anyone half-way healed? We remember the man in Mark 8:24 who received his sight gradually, but he was completely healed – the Lord knew what He was doing and He did it well. Did He ever give the blind vision in one eye, restore only part of the hearing to the deaf, or mak