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REPLY TO BEGGING LETTERS (letters requesting money)

Dear one, Pardon me for saying so, but the appeal for funds that you have sent shows how thoughtless, selfish, shameless and certainly how unspiritual professing Christians have become in our times.  To send appeals for funds for yourself to any other human is wrong, and when you send them to a missionary who is serving the Lord and living by faith himself, is thoughtless.  To God's glory I can testify that He is faithful, and although I have to set a table for 10 people 3 times each day, He has never failed us, and we have never made our needs known to others or asked for money.  All such servants of the Lord certainly have scores of other "needs" like any other human, as well as the countless needs of the ministry of preaching the gospel, making disciples and founding assemblies, however, we who live by faith trust the Lord, and never ask anyone but Him for our needs to be met.  If there were no God, no heavenly Father, people like you would continue to have their nee