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The Neo-Brethren By Jean Gibson & William MacDonald The theological world is familiar with the terms Neo-Orthodox and Neo-Evangelical. Now we can add a third: Neo-Brethren. In all three cases, trusted words are used but new interpretations have resulted in an entirely different meaning. In the case of the Neo-Brethren, new ideas, practices, and changes are advocated which are significantly different from the mainstream. If the early brethren could visit some of these churches, it is doubtful that they would find much resemblance to what they considered to be the New Testament pattern. We freely admit that we don't have to be frozen into practices unrelated to New Testament teaching, practices that are matters of culture or tradition. However, it has become common for some Neo-Brethren to take matters on which the Scriptures teach clearly and Label them "traditional." These men reinterpret the Bible to fit the culture of the day or their own whims. They want t


Bible The Wonder of the Book by Dyson Hague; edited by Stephen Ross "Thy testimonies are wonderful" is the enthusiastic proclamation of the 129th verse of the 119th Psalm which has been echoed by multitudes through the centuries. For the more deeply we search it, the more we feel that the Bible is not merely a book, but The Book. Sir Walter Scott in his dying hour was right when he asked his son-in-law to read to him out of the Book, and in answer to the question, "What Book?" replied "There is only one Book, the Bible. In the whole world it is called 'The Book.'" Yes. It alone is the universal Book, the eternal Book, the Book for all time. The Bible is "the Book" of all books. It is the Book that stands alone; unapproachable in grandeur; solitary in splendor; mysterious in ascendancy; as high above all other books as heaven above earth, as the Son of God above the sons of men. The Wonder of its Formation One of the first things