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Ducks and Older Christians

by Scott Wagner Flemington, NJ A few years ago, wildlife biologists began to notice a decline in the duck population in a local wetland area. They were confounded as to why this was happening. A research study was initiated to find out what was causing the problem.     One day two of the young researchers drove out to the area to begin investigating the site. These men were well educated in their field, and were regarded to be some of the best biologists in their area. When they arrived at the nesting site to begin work, they noticed a nearby farmer who was mending fences. The farmer was an older man who had lived in the area for some time. Being a friendly fellow he went over to chat with the biologists. They informed him about the study they were beginning and that they hoped to find out why the ducks were disappearing breeding area. The old farmer said, “You know I’ve been watching these ducks disappear myself. I’ll tell ya, it’s a fox that’s been eating them.”