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from Chapter 1 of Steven J.  Hulshizer's excellent book: Obedience, The Key To Our Problems. Definition "...handling accurately the word of truth" (2 Tim. 2:15) Before we begin to see how obedience permeates Scripture from beginning to end, it is necessary that we have a firm grasp of its meaning. We are often guilty of misusing words because we really do not understand the true sense of the world. Many times the meaning of a word that we have in mind is what we assume it to mean. It may be a vague definition based on common, and often incorrect, usage. If the reader is to obtain any real blessing from the following material it is necessary that he leave this chapter with the proper understanding of the Biblical use of the word obedience. When we generally think of obedience, we think of doing what one is instructed to do. In speaking to our children we may say, "Will you please obey me and do what you are told?" What we mean is, "Please carry out

"I'll Pay Your Bills"

This is the text of the English version of the Spanish Gospel tract that we are distributing in our area (the English version is available from The Tract League -- I’LL PAY YOUR BILLS! screamed the big white letters. “Just what you need,” said Tom as he and John stopped in front of the sign. “You’ve been worrying about those doctor bills.” Tom read the small print out loud: Come to 137 Main Street at 1:00 p.m. Saturday with evidence to show you have bills to pay and I’ll pay them for you. John looked excited. “You surely don’t believe it, do you?” laughed Tom. “There’ll be a catch to it somewhere.” John took a deep breath. “I just wish it were true,” he said. “It’s too good to be true.” John glanced at the sign every day as he left the factory. He certainly had bills to pay. Saturday noon he made up his mind and hurried to the address. He expected to see a crowd, but there was no one there. Timidly he knocked. The door o