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I have given up all for Jesus; This vain world is naught to me. All its pleasures are forgotten In remembering Calvary. Though my friends despise, forsake me, And on me the world looks cold, “Fear no evil; I’ll be with you When the pearly gates unfold." When the voice of Jesus calls me, And the angels whisper low, I will lean upon my Savior, In the valley as I go. I will claim his precious promise, Worth to me a world of gold: “Fear no evil; I’ll be with you When the pearly gates unfold." Just beyond the waves of Jordan, Just beyond the chilly tide, Blooms the tree of life eternal, Where the living waters glide. In that happy land of spirits, Flowers bloom on hills of gold, And the angels are in waiting When the pearly gates unfold. Herbert H. Booth (1862–1926) 590 in Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos 

The Calamity of Rejecting the Bible

A great proof that the Bible is God’s Word is the tragic calamities with follow on its rejection.     The alternative to accepting the Bible is illustrated in the corrupted lives of infidels and skeptics, in the wrecking of families and the debasing of communities and even nations. A dark background against which the Bible shines in heavenly purity...     The testimony of Joseph Baker, a member of the Mother of Parliaments and an ex-President of the British National Secular Society cannot be invalidated:      “I have see the dreadful effects which infidelity produces on men’s characters; I have had the proof of its deteriorating effects in my own experience; its tendency is to utter debasement.” Mrs. Mary Benjamin, and eyewitness of the death-bed agonies of the notorious infidel Thomas Paine writes: “I was invited by a distant go and see T. Paine on his death-bed...The scene to me was appalling, and I wished to leave at once. I remember him as he lay, his he

Will the Old Book Stand?

Will the Old Book stand, when the “higher critics” state That grave errors are discovered on its page? Will it save the sinful soul? Will it make the wounded whole? Will its glorious truth abide from age to age? Will its message still abide, when the scientists decide That its record of Creation is untrue? Tell us the ascent of man is by evolution’s plan, Will its principles the sinful heart renew? When in language wondrous fair, “Christian Scientists” declareThat there is no evil, only mortal mind. When mental treatment fails, and seeming death prevails, May we in the Bible consolation find? When infidels parade the mistakes which Moses made, When the truth of Revelation they deny, Will the Ten Commandments still the demands of justice fill? Will its support us when we come to die? Yes, the Word of God shall stand, though assailed on every hand, its foundations are eternally secure; It will bear the critic’s test, and the idle scoffers jest, Its saving truth forever shall endure.