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Love for Christ: The True and the False

    “If you love me, keep my commandments.”     John 14:15 “Keep my commandments.”   This is the best proof of love. The text indicated does not suggest a lawless liberty. It is true that we are “not under the law, but under grace” (Rom. 6:14). But we are still “under the law to Christ” (1 Cor. 9:21); and if we love Him, we are to keep His commandments. Let us never enter into the counsel of those who do not believe that there are any commandments for believers to keep. Those who do away with duty, do away with sin, and consequently, do away with the Savior. It is not written, “If ye love me, do whatever you please.” Jesus does not say, “As long as you love me in your hearts, I do not care anything about your lives.” There is no such doctrine as that between the covers of the Holy Book. He who loves Christ is the freest person outside of heaven, but he is also the most under bonds. He is free, for Christ has loosed his bonds, but he is put under bonds to Christ by grateful lo

The will of God -- our law.

    "If we knew the heart of God, we would never question any of His dealings with us, nor should we ever desire His hand lifted off us till we had learned all He would teach us.     Paul says, "By evil report and good report" ; he did not stop to explain. A true servant of God has not time for that, and to defend yourself only leads to further charges.     We are never to seek to vindicate ourselves when it is a personal matter, but when the Lord's name is dishonored, for His glory we may speak.     You never find the Lord defending Himself.     Your character may not be vindicated down here. The Lord Jesus died under a cloud. He was never cleared in this world of the false accusations that had been made against Him.     The will of God was the only law of Christ's life. He was never governed by human considerations or affections. Are we set upon this - that the will of God should be our only law?     If we are not in the path of God's wil

The Captain of the Titanic

Captain Edward J Smith Would you have preferred to be the captain of the Titanic, or one of those who helped peop le into the lifeboats?  Captain of an enormous failure and tragedy, or a humble unnamed rescuer?     Those who run for political office are in effect offering to be captain of the Titanic. Politics is a failure, corrupt, without Christ, and will lead finally to the Antichrist. No one has ever been saved through politics, but countless millions have been lost.     God established human government, it's true, but He NEVER counsels or commands the believer to be involved in it. Soon every political system will sink with the accursed world system and the foolish wisdom of men. Instead of seeking the dubious distinction of a governmental office, or occupying oneself with little "improvements" on the sinking ship full of people heading for divine judgment and eternal perdition, it would be infinitely better and wiser to preach the gospel and get as many

The Bible Is Right

"The Bible is right. It is the critics who are wrong. It is the work of the critics, and not the Word of God, of which it can with truth be said 'much has gone' and 'more may go.' We stand today where our fathers stood; their faith is our faith, their Bible is our Bible, and their God is our God. We live today in the faith in which our fathers lived, the faith in which our fathers died, the faith by which they found their way to God; and this faith is generated in us by the testimony of the Spirit through the reading of the Word. We affirm, with no less honesty and candour, with no less reason and understanding of the points at issue, and with no less devotion to the supremacy of the claims of truth than those who hold the contrary opinion, that Adam and Noah, Joseph and Johan, David and Daniel are not myths but men, and that an unprejudiced, scholarly estimate of all the evidence available for the solution of the doubts that the critics have raised in relatio

All The Musicians In New Testament Churches

NONE In the New Testament Christians sang, and still do. The redeemed sing in heaven, but there are no bands, worship teams, keyboards, speakers, microphones, and none of the pop music paraphernalia. No showmanship. No concerts. No albums. Nothing even similar.   None of this is anywhere in the New Testament. The model being followed is from the world.  How many of the apostles took musical instruments with them when they went out preaching the gospel to the nations? How many gave concerts or music services? NONE. Today's music emphasis in evangelical churches came from the world, not the Scriptures. The platform in many church buildings looks similar or equal to the stage in a nightclub or discotheque, with instruments like electric guitars, keyboards, drum sets, microphones, etc. Brethren, no one wants to say it, for fear of losing the young people, but music in many churches has become the tail that wags the dog. Where is the pulpit? David Cloud is a