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Giving Like God, by W. E. Vine

  The opening verses of the Epistle of James contain a description of God as "the giving God." That is the literal rendering of the phrase "God who giveth... " in the statement, "God, who giveth to all liberally" (verse 5). "The giving God" it is almost a title. How abundantly it is illustrated in the Scriptures! "He gave His only begotten Son" ; "How shall He not also with Him freely give us all things?"  His giving is the outflow of His love, "God so loved that He gave." He gives "liberally" (Jas. 1:5), "freely" (Rom. 8:32), "richly" (1 Tim. 6:17). Likeness to the Fathe r   One of the prominent lessons in the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount, is that by shaping our conduct in obedience to the Lord's precepts our character will be conformed to that of our Heavenly Father. We shall be truly "Sons of our Father which is in heaven" (see, e.g., Matt. 5:45). Not merely