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THE HAPPY DEAD, by John Bramhall

THE HAPPY DEAD Read Revelation 14:13 Beloved of the Lord: The world says, “Blessed are the living,” but GOD says, “Blessed are the dead which die in the lord.” The natural man declares, “Better is a living dog than a dead lion,”  Eccl. 9:4. The world gazes on one with bounding step, bloom of youth, earthly prosperity, and says, “THERE is a happy person.”  Contrariwise, God says, of a saint in death, “BLESSED (or happy) are the dead.”  This is true of deceased saints of all times who have gone into His eternal presence.  Let us consider: 1 - THEIR ETERNAL HAPPINESS: They have entered into eternal happiness for ever, into the brightest place of God's universe, His immediate presence!  What a wonderful transition it is to be “WITH CHRIST – FAR BETTER – AT HOME,”  with the Lord.  Multitudes in vast number have departed into eternity, yet only a minority “die in the Lord” – Matt.7:13,14. The Christ-less dead go into a Christ-less eternity!  BUT, how precious it is to “di