The School of Manners - Rules for Children - 1701

Yes, that was a long time ago, back when children were taught in the home values like godliness, respect, courtesy, modesty, and integrity. They were required to memorize and recite these 20 precepts, in order to fix them in their minds. We may smile at the language, but it would be well for children - AND adults - to learn them in our day.

1. Fear GOD.

2. Honour the KING.

3. Reverence thy Parents.

4. Submit to thy Superiors.

5. Despise not thy inferiors.

6. Be courteous with thy equals.

7. Pray daily and devoutly.

8. Converse with the Good.

9. Imitate not the wicked.

10. Hearken to instruction.

11. Be desirous of learning.

12. Love the school.

13. Be always cleanly.

14. Study virtue.

15. Provoke nobody.

16. Love thy schoolfellows.

17. Please thy Master.

18. Let not play entice thee.

19. Refrain thy tongue.

20. Covet future Honour which only Virtue and Wisdom can procure.

the book is still available from sellers like Amazon and other bookstores: The School of Manners, or Rules for Children's Behavior: Fourth Edition, London, 1701.

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One viewer, after reading the list, commented that it seems that today the exact opposite of these things is taught.

One could write 20 opposites, and then consider how often are the news headlines and articles related to behaving according to those 20 opposites.


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